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  • Black Pepper – Whole


    Benefits: Black pepper is high in antioxidants and reduces inflammation in the body. It can also support brain health, lower cholesterol, and reduce the chance of cancer. Uses: These corns can be ground down for a fresh, nutty flavor. They can be used raw in soups and stews, as well as meat marinades. Description: This is the…

  • Lemon Peel – 1.2 oz


    Benefits: Lemon peel is high in vitamin C and calcium, which is essential for bone health. It is very beneficial to the skin by reducing wrinkles, acne, dark spots and other pigmentation. Lemon peel is great to detoxify the skin. It can be used to regulate hair’s ph levels and healthy growth, reducing dandruff, and build…

  • Orange Peel – 1.5 oz


    Benefits:  Orange Peel may reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. It is anti-inflammatory and allergetic. It can improve the immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, and oral health. Uses:  Add to teas, scrubs, potpourri, homemade cleaners. Also makes a great addition to seasoning mixes for fish and chicken. Description: Although the orange peel is an often overlooked…

  • Organic Allspice


    Benefits: Allspice is very helpful in aiding digestion and relieving stomach pain, such as gas, bloating, and an upset stomach. It also eases diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and nausea. Uses: Allspice is traditionally added to sweet dishes to add a bit of warmth. It is delicious in gingerbread, pies, and even chocolate desserts. It can be used in…

  • Organic Black Pepper – Ground


    Benefits: Black pepper is high in antioxidants and reduces inflammation in the body. It can also support brain health, lower cholesterol, and reduce the chance of cancer. Uses: Black pepper is a versatile spice, that is a good additive in many cuisines. It can be sprinkled on eggs, in soups, added to salad dressings, etc. Description: This…

  • Organic Cayenne Pepper Powder


    Benefits: Cayenne pepper may reduce hunger, blood pressure, and the chance of cancer. It is also a natural pain reliever and can improve digestive health. Uses: Cayenne can be added to any dish for a spicier flavor. It is used in Mexican, Indian, Southern, and Asian cuisines. It goes well with eggs and meat dry-rubs. Description: Cayenne…

  • Organic Cloves


    Benefits: Clove spice is high in nutrients and antioxidants, making it able to reduce chance of cancer, improve liver health, kill bacteria, regulate blood sugar, and reduce stomach ulcers. Clove is a natural oral pain killer, useful for tooth aches and other mouth pain. Uses:  Clove has a nice warm, aromatic flavor, delicious when added to baked…

  • Organic Cumin Powder


    Benefits: Cumin may lower cholesterol, help improve diabetes symptoms, and aid in weight loss. It also can help prevent food-born illnesses and reduce drug dependence. Uses: Cumin is best when added early in the cooking process to allow time for the spice to release it’s rich flavor. It is a staple in both Indian and Mexican cuisines….

  • Organic Curry Powder


    Benefits: Curry powder helps reduce inflammation in the body, reduces chance of cancer, supports bone health, and strengthens brain function. Uses: Curry powder is a staple of Indian cuisine and can be added to soups, stews, meat, eggs, and vegetables. Description: Curry powder has a duality of flavor – with both an earthy, savory flavor and a…

  • Organic Garlic Powder


    Benefits: Garlic has many nutrients and antioxidants, while containing few calories. It’s full of manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, fiber, calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B1. It shortens the length of colds, flus, and infections. Garlic also lowers blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Uses: Garlic powder is a great addition to herb…

  • Organic Ginger Root Powder


    Benefits: Ginger root can reduce symptoms of upset stomach, morning sickness, heart disease, and menstrual periods. It is a natural pain reliever and reduces inflammation. It also helps fight colds and flu symptoms. Uses: Ginger root is great when added to beverages and foods, such as Asian dishes, Indian dishes, and lemonade. It is also a good…

  • Organic Paprika


    Benefits: Paprika supports healthy digestion, sleep, and hair growth. It also it beneficial to the skin by healing blemishes and minor wounds. It is good for your cardio vascular system by reducing inflammation and risk of heart attack. Uses: The flavor of paprika is best brought out by heating in oil at the end of the cooking…

  • Organic Turmeric Root Powder


    Benefits: Turmeric root is a great antioxidant and fights inflammation. It improves brain function as well as lowing risk of brain and heart disease. This spice can lower risk of cancer, arthritis, depression, and other chronic diseases. Uses: Turmeric is great in soups and stews. It can be added to rice and other grains. It is also…

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