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  • Organic Flax Seed


    Benefits: Considered a superfood, flaxseeds are loaded with nutrients and Omega-3 fats. These seeds may reduce risk of cancer, improve cholesterol,  and lower blood pressure. They are a great source of fiber and protein and may help with weight-loss. Uses:  Flaxseed can be sprouted, ground, or eaten whole. Add it to baked goods, granola, or smoothies….

  • Organic Hawthorn Berries


    Benefits:  Hawthorn Berries are loaded with antioxidants. They may have anti-inflammatory properties, lower blood pressure, decrease blood fats, and reduce anxiety. Helps digestion, prevent hair loss, and treating heart irregularities. Uses: Add these berries to hot water to make a tart and slightly sweet tea. Juice them to make a nutrient-packed jelly or syrup. Ferment…

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