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  • Organic Ginkgo Herb


    Benefits: Supports circulation, strengthens capillaries, promotes blood flow to the brain, along with cognitive health benefits. Uses:  The leaves can be used in teas, extracts, and capsules. Description: Ginkgo, also known as maidenhair tree, is considered a living fossil as it is the oldest surviving tree species on earth. Ginkgo contains high amounts of phenolic compounds,…

  • Organic Gunpowder Green Tea


    With its high caffeine content and distinct earthy flavor, Gunpowder green tea is a classic tea favorite. This Chinese tea is harvested, withered, steamed, and then rolled into its iconic pebble shape that resembles gunpowder pellets. The rolling process is not purely aesthetic – it also helps preserve the tea’s flavor and caffeine content. Our…

  • Organic Hawthorn Berries


    Benefits:  Hawthorn Berries are loaded with antioxidants. They may have anti-inflammatory properties, lower blood pressure, decrease blood fats, and reduce anxiety. Helps digestion, prevent hair loss, and treating heart irregularities. Uses: Add these berries to hot water to make a tart and slightly sweet tea. Juice them to make a nutrient-packed jelly or syrup. Ferment…

  • Organic Lavender Flowers


    Benefits:  Lavender Flowers are beneficial in improving  quality of sleep, skin appearance, and hair growth. May be a natural pain-killer, reduce blood pressure, relieve asthma symptoms, and ease menopause systems. Uses:  Lavender flowers are delicious in baked goods, desserts, cakes, breads, sauces, and cookies. They can be made into an infused oil to relieve restless…

  • Organic Lemon Balm


    Benefits: Can boost immune system, help insomnia and other sleep disorders. Also beneficial for reducing anxiety and depression. Lemon Balm can be used to treat cold sores and other skin disorders. Uses: Lemon Balm is a delicious way to add freshness to any salad, poultry, fish, or vegetable dish. Add it to your lemonade, ice cubes,…

  • Organic Licorice Root


    Benefits: Soothes liver problems, intestinal distress, bronchial disorders, and canker sores and other mouth irregularities. Uses:  The dried root can be used in teas, tinctures, and encapsulations. Mix with water and apply to eczema flare-up.  Add to tooth paste for it’s anti-cavity properties. Description: Licorice is a member of the legume family and is native to…

  • Organic Passion Flower


    Benefits: Relaxes and calms the mind and body. Boosts brain function, attention, and alleviates inflammation, heart conditions, and respiratory discomfort. Uses:  The dried herb may be used as a tea, tincture, or powdered and encapsulated. Description: Passion Flower is perennial climbing vine that is typically grown in Europe ans is also native to the southeastern parts…

  • Organic Peony White Tea


    Harvested from the immature buds of the tea plant, White Peony Tea is lower in caffeine and has a lighter flavor than black and green tea. The name ‘Peony’ refers to how the tea buds and leaves uncurl into a flower shape as they are steeped.   Peony white tea is high in antioxidants and may…

  • Organic Peppermint Leaf


    Benefits: Soothes stomach pain, improves asthma symptoms, reduces bad breath, and calms headaches. Uses:  Dried peppermint leaf is most commonly used as a tea. Can also be used in tinctures and as a flavoring in foods. Description:Peppermint is a natural hybrid of spearmint and water mint and is native to Europe. Peppermint is traditionally used as…

  • Organic Red Raspberry Leaf


    Benefits: Regulates female hormones, eases menstrual symptoms, improves fertility, supports uterine wall, prepares mother for an easy delivery. Uses:  Red Raspberry leaves can be brewed into a hot or cold tea. It is a light flavor – experiment to find what works the best for you. The leaves can also be made into a tincture or…

  • Organic Red Rooibos Tea


    From the dried leaves of the rooibos bush comes the red rooibos tea. The leaves are green when harvested, but turn red as they are exposed to oxygen off the bush. This tea is high antioxidants and polyphenols, micro nutrients that reduce inflammation. This caffeine-free tea has a natural sweetness reminiscent of vanilla and honey….

  • Organic Red Rose Petals


    Benefits: Antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic. A natural way to heal your skin. Uses:  Dried rose petals may be used as a tea, poultice, bath herb, or potpourri. Infuse fresh rose petals in honey to help relieve a sore throat. Use to make Rose Water for: natural skin toner, sunscreen, acne treatment, eliminating dark circles, and lifting…

  • Organic Rosehip Powder


    Benefits: Helps prevent and fight cold and flu symptoms. Helpful in fighting constipation, diarrhea, gallstones, and urinary tract infections. Uses:  Sprinkle on top of foods, such as yogurt, oatmeal, granola, etc. Rosehip Powder can also be added to beauty products such as soaps, clay masks and toners. Use as a natural Vitamin C supplement. Description: Rose…

  • Organic Slippery Elm Bark


    Benefits: Helps relieve sore throat, cough, colic, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, bladder and urinary tract infections, syphilis, and herpes. Uses: Can be made into tea, lozenges, extracts, or poultices. Description: Slippery Elm Bark, from the tree of the same name, is native to the eastern United States and Canada. Native Americans have used it as a remedy…

  • Organic St. John’s Wort


    Benefits: Helps with depression, anxiety and other mood irregularities. Reduces inflammation and helps heal minor cuts and wounds. Uses:  Can be used as a tea, tincture, or encapsulated. Can also be made into a poultice and applied topically. Description: St. John’s Wort is a flowering shrub that is native to Europe, it is also known as…

  • Organic Stevia Leaf


    Benefits: Calorie-free, sweeter than sugar, doesn’t raise blood sugar. Uses:  The dried leaf may be added to teas, tinctures, baked goods. and herbal preparations. Stevia can also be made into a syrup. Description: Stevia is calorie-free, 40 times sweeter than sugar, and does not raise blood sugar levels, making it a great choice for those who…

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