My Story

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother’s herbal remedies.  When I felt the itch of a sore throat, she pulled out the tan bag of slippery elm root and vodka tinkure drops. When our stomach’s wouldn’t let us sleep, peppermint tea and honey was the cure. In our home, we made all of our food from scratch and our spices took up the space of two regular sized cabinets.  This connection and even relationship with spices and herbs became a deep part of our family culture, a culture that I pass on to my 5 children.  And now we want to further the renaissance of slow food, of healing herbs, and of empowered healing. -Renee Tilby, President

Our Mission

To bring the finest organic herbs and spices from around the world into the lives of our customers while promoting healthy living, global responsibility, and customer education.

Our Products

We carry a wide selection of herbs, spices, and tea blends. We also carry plant based body care and healing salves, all organic or as close to organic as we can get. 


Our Future

We are continually looking for new plants, botanicals, and blends to help increase the health and flavor of our customer’s lives. We are excited for what the future holds!